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Deflating Dr Dan

Posted by Dr No on 02 January 2014

clive.jpgAs part of a welcome recent trend, the Today programme this morning was presented by Monty and Mish, the twin set who occasionally manage to drop pearls. Devoid of the deadweight of burnt-out testosterone that burdens the older male presenters, Monty and Mish manage at times almost to sing, but since ’tis the season for mistletoe in the house and so guest editors on Today, the links were peppered with references to “the musician P J Harvey” and “P J Harvey the musician”, who, it was said somewhat defensively, was responsible as guest editor for doing ‘something unusual’ to the programme. As doing anything let alone something unusual to the Today programme is known to provoke a mailbag the size of a mammoth, Monty and Mish were right to sound anxious, but the bigger question was could anyone really do anything unusual to the Today programme? The answer, as it turned out, was an unexpected yes.

Shortly after a quarter past seven, it was announced that one Sam Clifford Stiff (or it might have been Clive Stafford Smith) had been asked by P J Harvey (the musician) to find out whether NHS critics could come up with a better alternative to the troubled health service. As it emerged that Stafford Smith was a lawyer with an American background, one feared the usual drill-another-hole-in-the-NHS routine. But instead, remarkably, as the piece ran on, it became clear that not only was Stafford Smith sympathetic to the NHS, he was positively keen to promote it – one of his interviewees, the academic Coleman Pratt, was allowed to say “The World Health Organisation identified the British system as the most efficient healthcare model on the planet” – and extol its virtues, notably its public funding that provides free care at the point of need, without the intrusion of a complex machinery of money men. The NHS, Stafford Smith concluded, is “a true gem, possibly even the jewel in the crown of Great Britain – and we should respect it as such”.

Never mind his geography: such exultant rhetoric is not to be expected but very welcome from half American lawyers. But perhaps the best bit came earlier during an interview with Dr Dan Poulter, the health minister. Having encouraged Dr Dan to puff out his chest with NHS pride, and then allowed him to enlarge on the need to modernise, the lawyer moved in for the kill. Alluding to an earlier 2005 Tory assertion that the NHS was ‘a fundamentally broken machine’, he asked in dulcet but indignant tones: ‘You’re saying the best health care system in the world you can identify is fundamentally broken?’ From that point on, the loudest noise in the interview room was that of Dr Dan deflating, like an inflatable dinghy stabbed with a knife.


Clive Stafford Smith is a personal hero of mine and a massive inspiration.

We are both aluminae of St Peter's College, Radley. When Clive was at Radley, he wrote an essay on the death penalty and realised that they were still doing this in America and decided to personally do something about it.

Here's a brillant article in the Old Radleian:

Clive is wrong about the NHS. We are all aware of Dr Barton handing out arbitrary death sentences in Gosport; she murdered numerous old people with impunity.

I hope that Dr No will reflect on his own courage in writing a commentary on Kate Middleton's medical records some years ago.

No other doctor would agree to actually look at these and since I went to the police in March 2007 about Dr Khoosal, I have been harassed by doctors in Southampton.

Kay Sheldon of the Care Quality Commission has commented on twitter that the original abuse was bad enough but the subsequent harassment and revictimisation is a profound injustice

In March this year I had a letter from Claire Hensey at Euston Towers to say they were finally interested in investigating Khoosal.

I went to consult my medical records and discovered a 2011 plot to harrass me "in conversation with the police" if I sent any more emails to the media complaining about the Southampton Department of Psychiatry.

These people have claimed numerous innocent lives and these have been reported in the National Press. Victoria Nye and Michelle Connor are two examples. The latest is Hannah Groves who was "diagnosed" as a "f**ing waste of space.. and attention seeker". That story made the Sunday Times.

Her mum is suing the health authority but that just drains money from the NHS.

I have asked DR Tom "herr" Schlich to explain the diffence between his treatment approach and the Nazi T4 programme in an emails circulated around the health authority. The response could be construed as a conspiracy

As I have explained to James Dingemans QC, I went to the authorities on the principle that we should all have the right to go to the doctor and be confident they will be trustworthy and honest.

James is another famous OR lawyer and I was introduced to him by a mutual friend, Hamish Rattray. He was unable to represent me without a solicitor but was kind enough to speak to me on several occasions. Clive sent me a slightly hysterical email saying that he could not represent me as he was trained in America but actually all I wanted to do was open channels of communication.

Dr No has a CD of scanned medical records which he can use as a resource in his medical journalism. The abuse has already started to come out in public:

Well done doctor!you are courageous one to deliver such commentary.I am really impressed by the knowledge and expert analysis of the health situation.Obliged for sharing
Somagena HGH

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